What are feelings?


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your feelings

Feelings are the exact projections of any given emotion. Feelings such as love, peace, and harmony etc. – all the beautiful expression within human beings are but polarity expressions of emotions – designed derivatives from emotions to establish the experience of polarity within each human being on earth.

Feelings as emotions are the same energetic expression as generator for the mind consciousness system. Designed within the mind consciousness system of human beings so each human being may always exist within the polarities of feelings and emotions, good and bad, right and wrong etc. to in this way remain enslaved and controlled within and as consciousness by the White Light. Never allowing them to remain here, constant in every moment where nothing moves within you, as who you are here in every moment.

All emotion and feeling expressions are of mind consciousness system – energetic expressions which influence you through control and direction – this is what moves and direct human beings at the moment – feelings and emotions designed within mind consciousness system as what human beings have become. If you become emotional (angry, sad, fearful, anxious etc.) or experience feelings (love, desire, happiness etc.) – know that you are allowing yourself to be directed and controlled by consciousness as your mind as what you have defined yourself as.


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